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: Take the pills twice in a day. First one at morning before first meal, and another at night before dinner. Also, reduce the sugar craving wherever possible. Like your Morning Coffee and your soft drinks


. Do not take processed foods because they contain saturated fats. And also do exercise daily not hard and difficult, Like walking, Jogging, and like this more… Helps in building a lean muscle mass. Real User, Real Review of Focus Fuel Keto X Kevin/40 yrs: “I was obese from my childhood. I did not treat properly due to my body. Growing up, I accepted myself, but I used to work slowly in my office compared to others. Tired of it, I wanted to be fit and Focus Fuel Keto X, and I wanted an easy solution to me. Here’s where I got Focus Fuel Keto X” It has been three months since I first shot and now I am 35 lbs light. I have changed a lot than before. For the privacy of this user, we can’t show his picture. Few Precaution that